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Why Should You Get Involved In MEMA Advocacy Efforts?

Elected officials are eager to learn how their constituents are affected by legislation that comes out of Washington, D.C.

Questions?  Contact Catherine Boland in the MEMA Government Affairs Office.

Meet with Elected Officials

  • Personal meetings with a senator, representative, or staff member are valuable opportunities to establish a relationship with your elected officials. Think about whether you would like to meet in your state or district or in Washington, D.C. Look up when your representative or senator will likely be home using the 2021 House and Senate Congressional calendars.

  • Request your meeting in writing and explain your purpose, whom you represent and the topics you would like to cover during the meeting. 

  • Follow up the written request with a call to the state, district, or Washington office and ask to speak to the scheduler. 

  • When it is time to meet with your senator or representative, be prompt and patient. Schedules are often unpredictable and you may need to meet with a staff member. 

  • Think about the issues from the member’s perspective. How does a particular issue affect individuals and businesses in the state or district? Always bring information to leave behind and ask how you can assist the member and his or her staff. 

  • After the meeting, send a thank you letter and any further information that was requested. 

Facility Tours

  • Plant visits are an excellent opportunity to showcase your facility and educate legislators on your company, products and contributions to the community. Look up when your representative or senator will likely be home using the 2021 House and Senate Congressional calendars.

  • Compose a written request (view a sample here) to your elected official’s office offering a visit to your facility to begin the process. Follow-up phone calls with the scheduler are important to move the request along. 

  • Organize a working group at your company to handle various aspects of the visit. The group might include a senior executive, government relations and public relations personnel, and the plant manager.

  • Prepare a one-page outline detailing who you are, what you produce, and a brief history of the facility. MEMA can help by providing background on the legislative work of the lawmaker. 

  • Show off your facility on the tour by highlighting how machinery works, how items are put together, what new technologies are being used, and the overall productivity of the workers. 

  • Tell your story, including how the plant has improved and contributed to the lives of its workers and the community as a whole. Discuss the number of people employed, the value of products produced, taxes paid, support of environmental programs, etc.

  • After the visit, follow up with a thank you note and reiterate the key discussion items. Provide the elected official with any photos taken. Look for ways to build upon the relationship established with the visit, such as invitations to future events and offers for further information.

  • Did you have a successful plant tour with your member of Congress? Let us know!

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