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Summer Plans?
August is usually a quiet month in Washington. Members of Congress, staff, and lobbyists attempt to escape the heat and humidity. But 2021 is... READ MORE

The Summer of Possibilities
June 29
We all remember the summers of our childhood – both real and imagined. It stretched in front of us as an opportunity to reinvent the world and... READ MORE
What’s Next on the Trade Agenda?
June 22
As President Biden continues to push his initiatives on his trade agenda, the long shadow of his predecessor is being felt at every turn. Biden... READ MORE
Summer Showdown: Transportation and Taxes
June 08
  As Washington heads toward summer, all thoughts are not on beach vacations and in-person concerts. Washington is focused on the... READ MORE
Chemical Regulations – An Indication of Future Environmental Regulations?
May 25
  The Biden administration is moving quickly to place its own mark on environmental regulations. We have seen this on the Paris Climate... READ MORE
The Competitiveness Agenda – A Help or Hindrance for Global Supply Chains?
May 18
Everyone in Washington has opinions – about politics, neighborhoods, restaurants, sports, and the weather. And now it turns out that everyone... READ MORE
Port Slowdown – A Policy or Commercial Issue?
May 11
At the end of last year, MEMA began to hear reports of significant slowdowns at our nation’s ports impacting delivery time and logistics costs.... READ MORE
The Anatomy of Legislation
May 04
Many of us remember the cartoon “I’m Just a Bill on Capitol Hill”. Although the fundamentals are correct, the reality of passing... READ MORE
Automated Vehicle Legislation: Competitiveness, Mobility, and Safety
April 26
For years, the motor vehicle industry has collectively been advocating for Congress to act and pass legislation that would lay out a federal... READ MORE
Suppliers Share in the Message of Earth Day
April 19
I remember the first Earth Day. It was 1970 and I was designated to lead a small discussion in my 8th grade homeroom. I now realize that most... READ MORE
How Do You Pay For a $2 Trillion Infrastructure Plan?
April 12
Congress was in recess last week but that didn’t stop the institutions of Washington from laying out their objectives for the coming months.... READ MORE
Supply Chain Woes
April 05
Toward the end of 2020, MEMA began to hear from the industry about rising steel prices, slow down at the ports, and shortage of the silicon... READ MORE
Inside Track: Inaugural Edition
March 29
Welcome to a new blog focusing on key public policy issues impacting the motor vehicle supplier industry. I hope you enjoy it –... READ MORE