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The Long View: Supplier Voice is Your Voice

Date: September 8, 2020

From day one, MEMA has been trusted with carrying the voice of vehicle suppliers. It has been our assignment, our commitment, and our privilege.


Over the years, MEMA’s mission has been to represent the business interests of our members. Along with colleagues from our four divisions, MEMA works every day to express your point of view and make sure our industry is in a position to be heard. As issues are raised—and as they evolve quickly—MEMA is there to deliver your voice. And it is good to know that Congress is listening, the administration is listening, and the states across our county are listening to your voice:


“We are vehicle suppliers. We are innovators. We conceive, design and manufacture the original equipment systems and technologies that make up two-thirds of the value in every vehicle. We supply the aftermarket with the automotive and commercial vehicle parts that keep millions of vehicles on the road. We are jobs, directly employing more people than any other manufacturing sector across the United States. And all of our work is done with a focus on public safety and the environment.”

This is the powerful voice of “Our Circle”—and we are 1,000 member companies strong!


Today, as we launch the first issue of Supplier Voice, you will see that we continue our quest to amplify your voice. We have combined our popular Washington Insider newsletter with our venerable MEMA Industry News. You will now get it all—and more—in one weekly newsletter. Whether it is breaking news on international trade, newly released regulatory details, or upcoming hearings in Washington D.C., if it is relevant to our members, you will find it in Supplier Voice. In addition, we are committed to sharing the industry’s biggest news, innovation and technology updates, and important messages from key voices in Our Circle.


On behalf of the entire MEMA team, I am honored by the trust that our members place in us. It is a responsibility that we do not take lightly. We look forward to projecting your voice for years to come.

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