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MEMA Urges Senate Panel to Direct FCC to Reverse 5.9 GHz Decision

Date: June 25, 2020
Source: Transport Topics

This week, MEMA signed a joint letter sent by the Intelligent Transportation Society of America and the Alliance of Automotive Innovators urging the Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee to direct the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to reconsider its proposal to reallocate spectrum in the 5.9 GHz band away from transportation safety.

“Reducing the amount of spectrum available to vehicle-to-everything (V2X) technologies undermines our shared interest in reducing the number of traffic fatalities and injuries that occur each year on U.S. roadways, improving motor vehicle safety, and improving the operational performance of roadways by reducing congestion across the transportation system,” the letter states. “Such a decision would also harm U.S. global competitiveness with respect to next-generation automotive safety technologies.”

MEMA weighed in on the FCC’s proposed rule earlier this year with two sets of comments in March and April. Shifting spectrum away for unlicensed uses would detrimentally impact years of research, development and investments made by not only the vehicle industry, but by multiple federal, state and regional agencies. MEMA urged the Commission to retain the spectrum as is so that industry can have the certainty it needs to effectively deploy and retain the U.S. position as a global leader in technology development.

MEMA’s April 27 comments reinforced suppliers’ concerns about impact on competitiveness saying, “While the U.S. currently leads the world in most of these technologies, that leadership is not assured going forward. The unintended consequences of regulatory decisions may erode our technological leadership that is critical to America’s overall competitiveness and future of motor vehicle parts manufacturers. A change in FCC’s rules has the very real potential to impede the U.S. vehicle industry’s competitive advantage in the global marketplace.”

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