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NHTSA Seeks Comments on its Latest Version of Vehicle Cybersecurity Best Practices

Date: January 12, 2021

Last week, NHTSA announced it revised its guidance for vehicle cybersecurity best practices and opened a 60-day comment period publishing its notice in the Federal Register on Jan. 12.

NHTSA issued the first best practices guidance document back in October 2016 with the intention of updating it “with some frequency as new information, research, and practices become available.” According to the agency, the latest draft 2020 Best Practices document is “based on the knowledge gained through prior comments, continued research, motor vehicle cybersecurity issues discovered by researchers, and related industry activities over the past four years.”

The intent of the guidance is to serve as a reference for the vehicle industry and covers various safety-related cybersecurity issues. Once it receives public input, NHTSA will update and refine the guidance.

NHTSA also announced a project with the Auto-ISAC to develop a new training curriculum for vehicle cybersecurity professionals and indicated the collaboration will advance this initiative in the coming months.

MEMA will work with members to develop comments in response to the draft. For more information, please contact Leigh Merino.

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