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U.S.-Japan Agreement

Date: January 2, 2020


In December 2018, the United States Trade Representative (USTR) released the final Summary of Specific Negotiating Objectives for the U.S.-Japan Trade Agreement (USJTA) Negotiations.

During 2019, officials from the U.S. and Japan met multiple times to negotiate, culminating with in a partial agreement announced on September 25, 2019, which is about one year after USTR initially notified the Congress the administration was going to engage in trade talks.


October 7, 2019 – USTR Ambassador Robert Lighthizer and Ambassador of Japan to the United States Shinsuke J. Sugiyama signed the U.S.-Japan Trade Agreement and U.S.-Japan Digital Trade Agreement, which will eliminate or reduce tariffs on certain agricultural and certain industrial products to enhance bilateral trade.


  • This deal was the first of a two-step trade negotiation.

  • Automobiles and vehicle parts were not part of this first agreement.

  • USTR indicated that future negotiations are planned for some time in the first half of 2020 to negotiate a “final, comprehensive trade deal”

December 4, 2019 – Japan's parliament approved the deal with the United States

January 1, 2020 – Agreement enters into force

  • U.S.-Japan Trade Agreement (here) and fact sheets (here)


MEMA Staff Contacts:

Ann Wilson and Leigh Merino


In October 2018, when the United States Trade Representative (USTR) requested public comments about the U.S. negotiating objectives, MEMA's responded with comments here.

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