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USTR Seeks Input on Notorious Markets

Date: October 20, 2020

The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) released an open call for submissions on Oct. 1 for their Notorious Markets Report, an annual report that labels specific online and physical markets that engage in or facilitate substantial counterfeiting and piracy (for reference, see USTR’s most recent Notorious Markets report). USTR has requested all written submissions for the next report by November 8, 2020, with a deadline for rebuttal and supplemental comments two weeks later (November 22, 2020). All comments submitted will be published on and marketplaces will be able to submit rebuttal comments.

The request for written comments outlines a numbers of specific questions regarding markets, including who owns the marketplace, the types and volume of counterfeit goods sold by the site, estimates of economic harm posed by the counterfeit goods sales, actions taken by right holders against the market and actions taken by the market to “remove, limit, or discourage the availability of counterfeit or pirated goods or services.”

MEMA has submitted formal comments in previous years. If you have information regarding marketplaces you would like MEMA to include in a submission to USTR, please contact Catherine Boland as soon as possible.

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