Bicameral, Bipartisan AV Process Making Progress

Date: December 10, 2019

While Congress has yet to introduce legislation creating new federal standards for self-driving vehicles, also known as automated vehicles (AVs), committees from the Senate and the House are making progress on drafting future legislation, according to The Hill.

“Both the Senate Commerce Committee and House Energy and Commerce Committee have been soliciting feedback on language for legislation around self-driving cars in recent months,” the publication wrote, “but as of this week, no bills have been introduced this Congress.”

The committees took to collecting information for future policy after industry stakeholders advocated for new standards regarding how AVs should be tested and used.

MEMA supports the passage of federal AV legislation that establishes roles for the Federal government in allowing testing and operation of automated vehicles on roads and clarifying language to allow suppliers to operate and evaluate non-FMVSS compliant test vehicles on public roads. MEMA continues to advocate on behalf of the supplier industry on the priorities for AV policy. For more information, contact Catherine Boland.

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