Check back soon for updates on policy issues MEMA is taking the lead on, on behalf of Original Equipment and Aftermarket suppliers. 

The Pieces of a Sustainability Policy

It starts at the top — with you. Your core values, your vision, your purpose, how sustainability fits into your company.
Bring those answers to The Center for Sustainability, and we’ll help you piece together everything else, bit by bit. No matter where you are on your journey, the number of resources at your disposal, or even whether or not there’s a chief sustainability officer on the payroll. 

The Pieces of a Sustainability Policy Image

We’re in this together. And even though it looks and feels like a wilderness to sort through, we’re confident that pooling our resources and knowledge in a supportive community will make all the difference to your success.

Legislative and Regulatory Policy

You’ll notice that every piece in the main circle is controllable by you, provided you have the help you need to make them happen (again, that’s where we come in).

Then there’s the “Legislative and Regulatory Policy.” The piece that feels out of control if you’re on your own. Government policy influences every company’s plans and actions. That’s why legislative and regulatory policy is interwoven in all that we do. Our MEMA DC team works on your behalf to make sure your voices are heard and your interests are served on commercial and policy issues.

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