Welcome to MEMA’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiative. As the importance of DEI in the workplace continues to become more evident, MEMA is committed to helping members make DEI a priority in their business planning and HR practices. Through programming (events and councils), member consultancy, speaking engagements, and other industry outreach initiatives, MEMA’s DEI team provides forums and valuable resources to develop DEI strategies, share best practices, foster courageous conversations, and provide relevant insight to support members on their DEI journey.

Embracing DEI is critical for creating an inclusive work environment that fosters greater creativity and innovation, improves sales, and engages customers regionally, nationally, and globally. 

MEMA’s DEI Commitment

MEMA champions and advocates for a respectful, diverse, and collaborative community.

We become stronger and more innovative when we are inclusive.

Join us by embracing and honoring this commitment.

MEMA’s DEI Vision

To create a diverse, equitable and inclusive industry through our actions.

MEMA's DEI Mission

Internally, to cultivate a company culture diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.

Externally, to be a catalyst for change in the industry.


MEMA members have access to DEI resources, events, and programs, including:

  • MEMA-side DEI Peer Group Council
  • DEI Consultancy and workshops to help members with DEI Strategy, surveys, employee resource groups and communications, KPIs, and measurement.
  • An invitation to the annual DEI Industry Event
  • Access to the results of the annual industry-wide DEI Barometer
  • Speaking and sponsorship opportunities
  • DEI Awards




MEMA is pleased to partner with other organizations committed to advancing DEI in the automotive and mobility industry.


National Diversity Council

Recommended Reading

There are many great books on DEI than can help organizations build a sustainable strategy for their organization. Two that helped MEMA to critically analyze and develop actionable DEI strategies are below.


DEI Deconstructed
Inclusion on Purpose