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Advancing Sustainability: Supporting MEMA Members at Every Step

The Center for Sustainability is an expansion of the Association for Sustainable Manufacturing (MERA). We exist to serve all MEMA members — Original Equipment (OE) and Aftermarket suppliers — wherever they are on their sustainability journey.

Sustainability is an incremental goal with a long-term view. Mobility is a core societal need, but so is ensuring our industry has a positive impact on our communities and the environment.

Driving Positive Change: Our Vision, Mission, and Value Proposition


A world where meeting society’s need for mobility produces nothing but a positive impact on humanity and the environment.


To serve MEMA members wherever they are on their sustainability journey. Our collaborative community helps members comply and build advantage as they assess and respond to the needs of their customers and other stakeholders.

Value Proposition

The place to accelerate your sustainability journey.

Our industry is experiencing a major transformation. We are here to help members achieve...and focus on the forest and the trees.

Maureen Kline, Pirelli Tire N.A. 

We’ve Made History, and We’re Still Making History

The future success and longevity of the mobility industry depends on sustainable operations and environmentally conscious business practices. The future of our planet depends on our earnest, intentional stewardship. The future of MEMA is, in part, The Center for Sustainability — accelerating OE and Aftermarket suppliers’ progress toward business development that profits everyone it affects.

This isn’t a goal we can achieve on our own. It will only happen in collaborative community. It will require give and take of the time, expertise, and resources of everyone who’s a part of MEMA. But we’re absolutely sure that every investment we all make is worth it.

The Center for Sustainability is history in the making. It can be yours. Will you join us?