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President Trump has No Plans to Impose Tariffs on EU for Now

Date: January 14, 2020

Chief White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow told Bloomberg TV on Jan. 10 that the Trump administration had no plans at the moment to impose Sec. 232 autos and auto parts tariffs on the EU.

“As you can see, no actions have been taken,” Kudlow said.

The Department of Commerce concluded in a 2018 investigation that autos and auto parts imports pose a threat to national security. MEMA submitted commentstestimonyrebuttal comments and a public statement in opposition of any potential Sec. 232 actions on automobiles or vehicle parts. In the statement, MEMA warned that the tariffs, “will place manufacturers at a competitive disadvantage to their global counterparts, erode U.S. jobs and growth, and will not protect the national security of the United States.”

MEMA and a unified American auto industry have vocally opposed Section 232 tariffs on autos and motor vehicle parts.

Kudlow said that even though the administration has yet to impose tariffs, that could change in the future. Factors like the new EU Trade Commissioner Phil Hogan’s visit to Washington this week could affect trade relations between the two countries.

“This is a presidential decision. It's not a Kudlow decision and it depends on a number of factors. We are in constant discussions with Europe,” Kudlow said.

For more information about Sec. 232 tariffs on autos and auto parts, please visit our Trade Resources page.

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