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Government Affairs Committee

Made up of motor vehicle parts suppliers both small and large and serving every major segment of the motor vehicle industry, MEMA’s Government Affairs Committee (GAC) determines the key legislative and regulatory priorities of MEMA on the state and federal level.

There are two standing subcommittees under the GAC.

  • The Vehicle Safety Subcommittee (VSS) provides valuable insight and guidance on specific vehicle safety issues and policies related to legislative activities and rulemakings. 

  • The Environment and Materials Management Subcommittee (EMMS) focuses on federal and state environmental and chemical policy issues and provides policy direction on mobile source emissions, fuel efficiency, chemical regulation, and other issues as necessary. 

There are multiple subject-specific working groups, such as the Trade Working Group.

The Subcommittees and Working Groups meet regularly for policy updates and serve as a key touchpoint for member input when responding to government officials and staff regarding legislation and rulemakings.

Being part of the GAC, its subcommittees and working groups is free for all MEMA members. 

Members who wish to join the GAC, please contact Catherine Boland


2023 Meetings

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