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MEMA, AASA to Hold High-Level Policy Panel on Data Access

Date: May 14, 2019
MEMA and AASA will hold an important policy panel discussion on Wednesday, May 15 to address questions and emerging issues related to access to data collected by cars.
The panel discussion, “Who Owns Your Car’s Data,” will be held at the Capitol Visitors Center in Washington, D.C. Legislators, their staff and the media have been invited to attend.
The timely event is part of the on-going effort by MEMA and AASA to educate policy makers about access to motor vehicle data and the risks that limiting access would create. Many consumers and legislators alike do not realize that their cars are collecting data and that restrictions to data access may result in losing the ability to choose a repair shop. MEMA and AASA support policies that allow access to vehicle data and software that promote affordability, convenience and a competitive market for vehicle servicing. The May 15 discussion aims to highlight some of those policies and outline concerns that should be considered as lawmakers move forward with an infrastructure bill.
Panelists will include MEMA President and CEO Bill Long, who also serves as AASA president and COO; Auto Care Association President and CEO Bill Hanvey; and MEMA Vice President of Government Affairs Ann Wilson.
The event is part of MEMA’s successful Policy Breakfast Series launched in 2017. The series aims to highlight and explain the complexities of critical issues that affect the motor vehicle supplier industry. In recent months MEMA has addressed topics including tax reform, the new North American trade deal, workforce development and emission standards. With these events, MEMA and AASA has earned a leadership role for the industry and has established a meaningful voice on issues in Washington.
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