MEMA Aftermarket Vision Conference

Bringing together industry leaders, executives, and experts from across the automotive aftermarket, The Vision Conference is a landmark in the aftermarket industry. This full, one-day event convenes each spring in Detroit or Chicago with the purpose of illuminating the economic and technology trends, challenges, and opportunities facing our industry.

Key Highlights

  • Unveiling of our unparalleled annual Aftermarket Landmark Study, which provides attendees with insights and projections for the future of the industry.
  • Panels featuring experts and analysts from leading research firms, like Boston Consulting Group and Roland Berger, sharing their perspectives on emerging trends and market dynamics.
  • Networking events, including one-on-one meetings, with key decision makers from across the industry.
  • Sponsor showcase/vendor exhibits: Suppliers share their latest products/services with potential customers and partners.
  • Customer keynotes, discussions, and speakers on topics such as advocacy, sustainability, supply chain management, customer engagement, and business strategy.

Why You Should Attend

You’re a supplier, aftermarket channel partner, private equity investor, or any other aftermarket professional who wants:

  • An open dialogue with key customers.
  • Member-only industry analysis.
  • More information about a stable, $287 billion-strong industry.
  • Face-to-face networking with industry leaders.
  • The lead on the latest critical issues.
  • Increased collaboration and sustained industry growth.
  • A strong network built on what matters most to you.
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