What is MEMA PAC?

MEMA PAC is a non-partisan political action committee giving industry members a tool to shape a Congress supportive of pro-manufacturing policies and help ensure that we are electing individuals who understand the needs of supplier companies. MEMA PAC gives to federal elected officials that have a large supplier presence in their states and districts. It supports those who have stood up for the supplier industry on issues such as technology development, energy, health care and card check. 

Why is contributing to MEMA PAC important?

MEMA PAC supports members of congress who support the supplier industry and our issues. The supplier industry employs hundreds of thousands of people across the country, and MEMA PAC helps ensure that our voice is recognized in Washington, D.C.

It is important to your business that you contribute.  Whether you are able to give $25 or $2,500, you are participating in the electoral process and standing up for the supplier industry.

To support MEMA PAC, the boards of MEMA, AASA, HDMA, MERA and OESA encourage strong participation from industry members. A well-funded, robust MEMA PAC will allow the industry to strengthen the network of elected officials the PAC supports and allow the industry to educate a significant number of Senators and Representatives on the needs of our industry. 

How can I contribute?

If you are an employee of MEMA or if you are a MEMA or affiliate company board member, you may contribute directly to MEMA PAC. Before MEMA PAC can accept contributions from other industry members, we must receive "permission to solicit" individuals from a company executive.  Additionally, MEMA PAC has created the following giving categories:  

  • The Capitol Club– Donations of $1,000 and above

  • Gold Level Contributors – Donations of $500 to $999 

  • Silver Level Contributors – Donations of $201 to $499 

  • Bronze Level Contributors – Donations of up to $200 

MEMA PAC recognizes and thanks all our donors at our annual Legislative Summit. 

Contact Tom Lehner at tlehner@mema.org or (202) 312-9253 for more information.