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MEMA Reacts to FCC Decision to Split Safety Spectrum

Date: December 13, 2019

MEMA is opposed to the unanimous decision by the FCC to allow other wireless uses on the 5.9 GHz spectrum. Traditionally, this band has been reserved for the transportation industry to allow for the implementation of new critical safety technologies. Allowing other wireless uses on the Vehicle Safety Spectrum could compromise motor vehicle safety and will hinder the testing and advancement of new technologies that could improve the safety and efficiency of driving in the United States. This is a major blow to present and future technologies that could save lives. Once the Safety Spectrum bandwidth is lost, there is no going back.

MEMA has long advocated that this spectrum be preserved as intended and maintained in its entirety. Over the long term, splitting the spectrum may hinder vehicle safety communication deployment. The reservation of this spectrum is indispensable for future safety systems and the development of automated driving. We cannot risk losing this critical capability.

MEMA will continue to work on behalf of suppliers in support of preserving the vehicle safety spectrum. These efforts will include filing comments to the formal proposal during the public comment period and pursuing additional advocacy work in coordination with other stakeholders.

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