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MEMA Reacts to Steel and Aluminum Tariffs Imposed by Trump Administration

Date: March 8, 2018

President Trump has said he is in favor of bringing jobs back to America and helping companies in the U.S. compete in a global marketplace. We could not agree more and welcome the exploration of ways to bring about a healthier trade environment. But the remedy that President Trump has prescribed – steep, across the board tariffs on aluminum and steel coming into the United States –  is dangerous.  In fact, it could put the very jobs and competitiveness he hopes to help in harm’s way. 

We have been communicating our concerns about tariffs to the Trump administration for months. We met with his top advisors and worked to ensure that they understood our industry and recognized its critical role in the U.S. economy. We drove home the fact that our industry directly employs more than 871,000 Americans and supports the jobs of millions more. Our position on tariffs is clear: Tariffs will be detrimental to the jobs that the motor vehicle parts supplier industry created. While we support the administration’s focus on strong domestic steel and aluminum markets, tariffs will limit access to necessary specialty products, raise the cost of motor vehicles to consumers, and impair the industry’s ability to successfully compete globally. While the exclusion of Canada and Mexico may help mitigate negative effects in the short term, tariffs on steel and aluminum would hurt the largest sector of manufacturing jobs in the U.S., putting the well-being of many Americans -- and the nation’s economic security -- at risk. We are disappointed that President Trump chose to disregard our message and sign a proclamation today allowing these tariffs to take effect.   

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