MEMA Triangle Award

The coveted Triangle Award is the highest honor awarded by MEMA. For more than 45 years, the Triangle Award has been presented periodically to that person, persons or organization whom MEMA choose to honor for selfless contribution to the motor vehicle parts supplier industry.

Its roster of winners, beginning in 1974, includes legends of the industry, but the Triangle Award’s main prestige arises from its selective presentation process. From its inception, the Triangle Award was not intended as an annual award. The award is only presented when truly deserving candidates are found – those who have worked tirelessly, behind the scenes, out of the spotlight and whose contributions have advanced the supplier industry.

Nominations are continuously accepted for the MEMA Triangle Award. To submit a nomination, please contact April Buford

Past Award Recipients

2022 – Charley Johnson, CEO, OptiCat
2020 – James Kamsickas, president, Dana Corp.
         – Mike Mansuetti, president, North America, Bosch
         – Don Walker, CEO, Magna International, Inc.
2018 – Steve Handschuh, retired president, MEMA
2017 – Marc Fleischaker, chairman emeritus of Arent Fox
2014 – Michael Cardone Jr., owner and chief strategy officer, CARDONE Industries
         – Michael “Mike” Hanley, retired global automotive leader, EY
2013 – Bob McKenna, retired president, Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association (MEMA)
         –  Neil De Koker, retired president & founder, OESA
2012 – William T. “Bill” Glasgow, retired president of W.T. Glasgow Inc.
2010 – Pete Kornafel, vice chairman of CARQUEST and chairman of the Global Automotive Aftermarket Symposium (GAAS) Scholarship Committee
2009 – Gene Ezzell, Crane Cams (retired)
2008 – David O’Reilly, O’Reilly Automotive Inc.
2007 – Robert “Pete” Joy, Haldex Friction Brake
2005 – O. Temple Sloan Jr., General Parts Inc.
2004 – Scott Meyer, Ken-Tool
2003 – Ron Cutler, TRW Automotive
2002 – Joe Magliochetti, Dana Corp.
2001 – Northwood University
2000 – Robert Miller, MEMA 
1999 – Tom Gallagher, Genuine Parts Co.
         –  William J. Long, (then of Dana Corp.)
1998 – Robert H. Raff, MAAP
1997 – L. Gene Stohler, Masco Tech Inc. 
1996 – Frederick J. Mancheski, Echlin Inc.
1994 – John M. Riess, BREED Technologies Inc. (then of The Gates Rubber Co.)
1993 – Larry McCurdy (then of Moog Automotive)
1992 – Jack Reilly (then of Tenneco Automotive) 
1991 – William Raftery, MEMA
1989 – Elliot Lehman, Fel-Pro
1987 – Wilton Looney, Genuine Parts Co.
1986 – Art Nellen, Car Care Council
1984 – Al Joseph, Hunter Publishing
1983 – Steve Gordon, Republic Parts
1982 – John Wenzel, Parker Hannifin Corp.
1981 – James Bushyhead, Moog Automotive
1980 – Mort Schwartz, Chanslor & Lyon Co. Inc.
1979 – Neil McDaniel, Hayden Inc.
1978 – Richard Kudner, Champion Spark Plug Co.
1977 – National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence
1976 – Truck Safety Equipment Institute
1975 – Earl Kintner and Mark Joelson, Arent Fox Kintner Plotkin & Kahn
1974 – Richard Teasel, Champion Spark Plug Co., and Ken Hannum, TRW