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MEMA Weighs in on Export Controls that Could Affect Emerging Automated Vehicle Technologies

Date: January 11, 2019

The Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association has asserted that certain technologies pertaining to automated vehicles and artificial intelligence should be given special consideration under national security export controls applied to motor vehicle parts. 

The comments, which were submitted Jan. 10, were sent to the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Export Administration at the Department of Commerce after it released advance notice of proposed rulemaking for certain emerging technologies (ANPRM). The ANPRM included some technologies that could be or are already used in motor vehicle technologies in the United States and abroad.

“Curtailing the motor vehicle supplier industry from exporting certain technologies will severely limit the industry’s competitive advantage in the global market,” MEMA’s comments say. “Further, numerous non-U.S. companies have developed or are developing similar commercial applications using technologies listed in the ANRPM. Critically, many of these non-U.S. companies have significant investments and manufacturing facilities in the United States. Controls on technology used in existing and developing commercial automotive applications may create a higher risk of deemed exports and affect research, development, and manufacturing in the United States, ultimately discouraging foreign investment in the U.S. motor vehicle industry.”

The full comments are available on the MEMA website. The ANPRM is one step in a lengthy process, which MEMA is actively following.

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