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Cummins Engine Hits Three Million Mark

Date: October 7, 2019
Source: Automotive News

The Cummins name on the fender of a pickup has become one of the most valuable franchises — at least for Ram — in the auto industry.

Since 1988, Cummins has supplied a six-cylinder diesel engine for the heavy-duty versions of Dodge and then Ram trucks. Last week, the three millionth engine was built at Cummins' plant in Columbus, Ind.

That engine is adorned with a special plaque on its cover signed by some of the 20 employees who have worked on Cummins-Ram engines since the start of the partnership.

The three millionth engine was headed to a Ram pickup plant for installation in a 3500 Longhorn with dual rear wheels. Ram plans to commemorate the sale of the truck when it is delivered to a customer.

While the Cummins-Ram deal is going strong, things didn't work out so well with Cummins' attempt to supply Nissan with a diesel engine for the Titan full-size pickup. That engine, a 5.0-liter V-8, lasted just four model years and won't be available in 2020 models.

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