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German Chancellor Markel and President Trump Hope for a U.S.-EU Trade Deal

Date: September 3, 2019

At the Centre de Congrès Bellevue in Biarritz, France, U.S. President Donald Trump and Chancellor Angela Merkel of the Federal Republic of Germany held a press conference near the end of the Group of Seven (G7) summit.

President Trump said he found the summit productive and looks to establish a trade deal with the European Union (EU). During the conference, the president was asked if he would still consider adding tariffs to German car exports.

“I hope not,” President Trump said. “I mean, we’re going to come to some conclusions. We talked about a new trade deal between, you know, not just Germany, but between the Union and ourselves — European Union. And I think, you know, we’re having some very good discussions going.”

Chancellor Markel added that Germany would like to see a swift and effective trade deal made between the U.S. and the EU.

“We want to come as quickly as possible to an agreement between the European Union and the United States — enhance talks — because this is obviously of very great interest also to us, to enhance the trade relations between the European Union and the United States,” she said.

President Trump also touched on the U.S.’s position with China in trade negotiations, and said that while they were having meaningful talks, the U.S. is in a stronger position now to hold their ground than the country was during negotiations.

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