House and Senate Committees Hold Hearings on Data Privacy

Date: March 5, 2019

Last week, the House Energy & Commerce Committee and the Senate Commerce Committee both held hearings on data privacy. Much of the discussion at both hearings focused on the California Initiative to protect consumers as well as the European Union’s GDPR proposal. The key takeaways are that the panels did not seem to think the California initiative or the EU GDPR proposal was the right model for the U.S. There was also some general agreement that any new law would need to give businesses flexibility and “nimbleness” while giving consumers more control.

Autos were only briefly mentioned – as part of a long list of items that consumers may not be aware have the ability to collect consumer data and, in the House, comments by a witness on how that data could be misused by varying groups.

MEMA will continue to advocate on behalf of suppliers on this important issue.

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