House Energy and Commerce to Host AV Hearing Today

Date: February 11, 2020

The U.S. House Energy and Commerce subcommittee will host a hearing today on automated vehicles (AV) as lawmakers seek input to create legislation to safely advance the development of self-driving technology.

In 2017, the House unanimously passed AV legislation, but similar legislation failed in the Senate. In 2019, bipartisan leadership from both the House and the Senate have begun drafting legislation. MEMA supports the passage of AV legislation that provides regulatory certainty to the industry to ensure the development and deployment of AVs in the United States.

The subcommittee will hear testimony from witnesses such as Gary Shapiro of the Consumer Technology Association; Jeff Tumlin, director of transportation at the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency; John Bozzella of the Alliance for Automotive Innovation; Cathy Chase with the Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety; and Mark Riccobono from the National Federation of the Blind.

"Manufacturers of autonomous vehicles and semi-autonomous technologies are working to transform the way we travel, and we must ensure that these technologies are rigorously tested and properly deployed with necessary safety oversight and accountability,” said Chairman Frank Pallone (D-N.J.) and subcommittee chair Jan Schakowsky (D- Ill.).

MEMA supports policies that provide certainty as suppliers and other industry stakeholders take steps towards safe deployment of automated vehicles (AV). These policies include expansion of existing law to allow suppliers to test automated vehicles on public roads and clarification of the distinct roles of federal, state, and local governments AVs. For more information on AV policy, please contact Catherine Boland and Leigh Merino.

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