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Advance the motor vehicle and mobility supplier industry and the business interests of our members.


A growing, profitable, innovative and influential motor vehicle and mobility supplier industry.

In 2015, MEMA redefined its strategic goals and focused on a clear mission to advance the business interests of  its members, and a vision of strengthening motor vehicle suppliers as a high-growth, high-profit and influential industry.

MEMA has identified three critical areas of strategic importance that will shape its initiatives over the next five years:

  1. Be a relevant force and resource on advanced vehicle technologies

  2. Pursue an active international role 

  3. Elevate MEMA’s presence and influence in Washington, D.C.

MEMA will invest an additional six million dollars to  support these strategic initiatives, delivering increased value to members.

Please click here to download more information on MEMA’s strategic initiatives and its efforts to advance the industry and the business interests of our members.


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