Rep. Walorski Sends Letter to Secretary Ross Regarding Lack of Fairness in Tariff Exclusion Process

Date: May 7, 2019

This past week, Congresswoman Walorski sent a new letter to Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross outlining the growing concern that the exclusion process for steel and aluminum tariffs are putting certain U.S. manufacturers at a disadvantage.

This letter outlines the alarming problem that is becoming clear with the recent batch of decisions for requests that went through the rebuttal and surrebuttal process. According to the letter, both steel and aluminum requests that went through the rebuttal and surrebuttal process resulted in a ~11% approval rating.

“Since the process was established 13 months ago, it has been a master class in government inefficiency and plagued by maddening inconsistency,” Congresswoman Walorski wrote. “There are ways to fix the process and, as has always been the case, I am raising these myriad issues in hopes of working with you to improve its fairness, transparency, and efficiency for all participants.”

Other important areas that are addressed in the Congresswoman’s letter include: the process for renewing approved exclusions, whether or not the Commerce Department verifies an objector’s stated production capacity, and what measures that Department is undertaking to reduce the wait time between processing. The full letter can be read here.

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