Senate Energy Bill Stalls Over HFC Reduction

Date: March 17, 2020

Disagreements over whether to push forward an amendment to reduce the use of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) has caused the Senate to drop, at least for now, S. 2754, the American Energy Innovation Act, despite lawmakers on both sides supporting the rest of the bill. Lawmakers were split on the amendment in a 47-44 vote, preventing the bill from passing.

The amendment, introduced by Sens. John Kennedy (R-La.) and Tom Carper (D-Del.), was designed to encourage the implementation of alternative coolants that can be used in air conditioners and other devices. The American Energy Innovation Act itself would have invested billions of dollars in developing clean-energy and reducing greenhouse gasses.

MEMA supports provisions in the bill that come from the Vehicle Innovation Act, which seeks to improve and reauthorize federal research and development activities at the Department of Energy (DOE). These activities are focused on advanced vehicle technologies to make vehicles more fuel efficient and reduce emissions. This program provides suppliers the opportunity to work in public private partnerships with the government and universities on research and development activities.

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