Date: January 8, 2019

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Autonomous Vehicles

Sponsor: Senator Ben Allen (D)
Summary: This measure relates to autonomous vehicles.

This bill would establish the policy of the state relating to automated vehicles in order to ensure that these vehicles support the state’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and encourage efficient land use.

This measure would also convene an automated vehicle interagency working group of multiple state agencies including the California EPA, Transportation Agency and Department of Motor Vehicles.

Status: Introduced 12/19/2018. This measure has been introduced for the 2019 legislative session.

Emissions/Climate Change

New York SB 38

Sponsor: Senator Brad Hoylman (D)

Summary: This measure prohibits any person from equipping a motor vehicle with equipment which enhances the vehicle's capacity to emit soot, smoke, or other emissions into the air and onto roadways.

01/01/2019 Version

Status: 01/01/2018: Prefiled

Product Stewardship

OHIO S.B. 223

Sponsor: Senator Frank LaRose (R)

Summary: Current version (11/16/2018): This measure prohibits the installation of unsafe used tire on a passenger car, multipurpose passenger vehicle, or truck that will operate on a public highway.

Status: Signed by Governor John Kasich 12/11/2018.

Vehicle Inspections


Sponsor: Representative Brett Roberts (R)

Summary: Previous version (2/27/2018): This measure provides that upon an applicant's payment of the proper fees and submission of all documentation required by the secretary of state, the applicant will be issued a vehicle identification number and a certificate of title to an assembled vehicle that satisfies all applicable requirements of this measure if the vehicle contains all of the following equipment:

(a) Headlights. As used in this subdivision, "headlights" 9includes 1 headlight on each side, and high- and low-beam 10 headlights;
(b) Front and rear turn signals;
(c) At least 1 taillight. If the vehicle is equipped with 2 taillights, both taillights shall be in working order;
(d) Registration plate light;
(e) Brake lights;
(f) Horn;
(g) Bright light indicator;
(h) Windshield wipers;
(i) Windshield washers;
(j) Brake equipment as required under section 705;
(k) Safety belts. This only applies to 1965 and newer model vehicles;
(l) Safety glass windshield. The windshield required under this subdivision shall not be made of plexiglass, shall be of a sufficient size to protect the driver of the vehicle and passengers, shall be free of any cracks or obstructions, and shall be made of a transparent material;
(m) Adjustable outside rear view mirror on the driver's side;
(n) Outside rear view mirror on each side of the vehicle. This measure only applies to a truck with a half-ton or more capacity;
(o) Bumpers. This subdivision only applies to a passenger vehicle. The bumpers required under this subdivision shall be between 14 and 22 inches above the ground when the vehicle is not in 4-wheel drive;
(p) Tires. The tires required by this subdivision shall have 2/32-inch tread, shall not have exposed cord or tread separation, and shall be approved for use by the united states department of transportation;
(q) Exhaust. The exhaust required by this subdivision shall be in good working order and shall not produce excessive noise. If the original design of the exhaust included a tailpipe and resonator, the exhaust shall include a tailpipe and resonator; and
(r) Differential gear.

In this measure, "assembled vehicle" means one or more of the following:

1. A vehicle that is built from new or used materials or parts by a person not recognized as a manufacturer;
2. A vehicle that has been altered or modified to the extent that it no longer reflects its original manufacturer configuration;
3. A vehicle that has had its body replaced with a different style of body unit from another vehicle;
4. A vehicle that has been assembled from a kit; or
5. An off-road vehicle, regardless of whether the original manufacturer's certificate of origin specifies that the vehicle is an off-road vehicle.

Substitution (4/24/2018)

Worker Freedom


Sponsor: Representative Gilda Cobb-Hunter (D)

Summary: This measure enacts the Freedom of Employment Contract Act.

Specifically, this measure finds that right to work laws are fundamentally unfair and have adverse effects toward employers and union.

Status: Prefiled; referred to House Committee on Labor, Commerce and Industry 12/18

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