Talk of the Town

Date: July 30, 2019

MEMA is leading an effort to encourage Congress to pass the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) as soon as possible this fall. 

MEMA requests that its member companies come to Washington on September 11, 2019, to meet with key Representatives and Senators on the USMCA. We are also urging a concerted Congressional district outreach effort while legislators are back home for the August recess. A few ways your company can get involved include:

-Hosting events in with Members of Congress at your plants and facilities

-Attending district town hall meetings in August with your member of Congress

-Working to get letters to editors placed in local newspapers and publications

-Tweeting your support of USMCA early and often. Sponsor company-based social media outreach focused on your member of Congress

Now is the time to get involved with your trade association’s efforts. Passage of the USMCA is vital to the long-term prosperity of the U.S. motor vehicle parts industry. The passage of the USMCA will help protect the 871,000 jobs in all fifty states supported by motor vehicle parts manufacturers, the largest sector of manufacturing jobs in the United States. While the USMCA will create the kind of certainty our industry needs to support job growth across North America in general, the rule of origin provisions will specifically lead to job growth of up to 80,000 in the auto sector in the United States, according to USTR.

Trade policies with many nations are dangerously uncertain right now. Section 232 steel and aluminum tariffs and Section 301 tariffs on $250 billion in imports from China are in place, and the threat of     tariffs on autos and motor vehicle parts on the EU, Japan and Korea loom. Retaliatory tariffs add to the uncertainty. MEMA urges you to join us in a national effort to encourage the passage of the USMCA.

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