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Trump Administration and DOT Release Updated Driverless Vehicle Guidelines

Date: January 14, 2020

At last week’s CES in Las Vegas, the White House and the Department of Transportation (DOT) issued an updated set of voluntary guidelines for automated vehicle (AV) development. The document, titled “Automated Vehicles 4.0: Ensuring American Leadership in Automated Vehicle Technologies,” focuses on promoting safety, ensuring efficient markets, and facilitating efforts across the agencies to standardize federal policies, allowing industry participants and states to explore different ways to test the technology on public roads.

MEMA congratulated the administration on rolling out the updated guidelines. MEMA has long supported the administration’s focus on safe deployment of AV technologies.

However, these updated guidelines do not provide the certainty that the industry needs to continue investment in the U.S. Instead, MEMA urges Congress and the administration to come together to pass comprehensive AV legislation this year. Legislation will provide the necessary certainty for continued investment in the U.S. and help ensure the U.S. remains the global leader in technology development.

AV 4.0 will establish 10 core principles for the federal government to follow:

1. Prioritizing Safety

2. Emphasizing Security and Cybersecurity

3. Ensuring Privacy and Data Security

4. Enhancing Mobility and Accessibility

5. Remaining Technology Neutral

6. Protecting American Innovation and Creativity

7. Modernizing Regulations

8. Promoting Consistent Standards and Policies

9. Ensuring a Consistent Federal Approach

10. Improving Transportation System-Level Effects

MEMA will continue to actively engage agency officials and Congress on strengthening AV policy in the United States. For more information, contact Leigh Merino and Catherine Boland

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