Trump Administration Proposes $4.8 Trillion Budget Proposal

Date: February 11, 2020

President Trump unveiled a $4.8 trillion budget request on Feb. 10 that will seek cuts across the federal government, with only NASA and four other departments allotted increases.

The Trump administration budget calls for nearly $900 million in new Education Department spending on career and technical education in high schools, technical schools, and community colleges. This is part of the administration’s effort to expand workforce participation.

On infrastructure, the White House proposed $810 billion over 10 years for the nation’s highways, rail, and transit systems, with an additional $190 billion for items such as megaprojects, bridge rebuilding, and rural infrastructure. Congress already faces a deadline of September 30, 2020 to reauthorize the law that covers highways, bridges, and transit.

In addition, the president said that his administration is making other efforts to reduce government spending. “We’re doing a lot of things that are good including waste and fraud,” he said. “Tremendous waste and tremendous fraud.”

“The White House budget is largely a messaging document that reflects the administration’s spending priorities and has little chance of being enacted in full by Congress,” NYT wrote. “While Monday’s proposal is similar to the president’s previous requests, it is a stark contrast with the leading Democratic rivals for the White House, who have proposed large tax increases on the rich and expansions of government efforts to provide health care, education, affordable housing and aid for the poor.”

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