Two Weeks Left to Submit Comments to ITC Regarding Miscellaneous Tariff Bills

Date: February 11, 2020

The International Trade Commission (ITC) continues to accept comments for the Miscellaneous Tariff Bill Petition System (MTBPS). The MTB process is used to collect and consider requests for “temporary duty suspensions and reductions” for various traded goods. Several petitions may be of interest to the motor vehicle parts industry, and more information on each of the petitions can be found on the MTBPS website.

“As provided for in the Act and in the Commission’s rules,” previous Federal Register publications have noted, “only members of the public who can demonstrate that they are a likely beneficiary of the duty suspension or reduction may file petitions for duty suspensions or reductions. The Act defines ‘’likely beneficiary’ to mean ‘an individual or entity likely to utilize, or benefit directly from the utilization of, an article that is the subject of a petition for a duty suspension or reduction.’”

Comments can be submitted by an individual, an individual company, a trade association, or any other entity, and can be filed to express support, object, or provide other comment on a petition. The MTBPS information page provides resources to properly submit comments to the commission. It is recommended that you view the document “Before You File a Comment” before submitting. Domestic producers are required to provide documentation that demonstrates the existence of domestic production (such as catalogs, press releases, marketing materials, specification sheets, and recent evidence of sales of the product or copies of orders for the product).

The commission will accept comments until Feb. 24 at 5:15 p.m. EST. For more information about the MTBPS, please contact Bill Frymoyer.

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