Grassley Seeking Veto-Proof Legislation on Section 232

Date: March 12, 2019

Shortly after the Trump administration launched a new Section 232 investigation into whether imports of titanium sponges threaten national security, Senate Finance Chairman Chuck Grassley announced he instructed his staff to work with other Democrats to craft legislation restricting President Trump’s tariff powers.

The Republican Senator from Iowa directed his staff to “find a bill [that can] get a massive amount of support so we don’t have to override a veto.” Grassley’s hopes signal that Trump might not issue a veto if the bill received overwhelming support.

Grassley did not support either of the competing bills introduced by Senators Portman and Toomey that would limit President Trump’s authority under the statue, however, he stated that his office would be working with both Senators in crafting this new legislation.

Portman’s Trade Security Act would give Congress the authority to pass a joint resolution of disapproval on any 232 action while Toomey’s Bicameral Congressional Trade Authority Act would require Congress to approve any 232 tariffs is the only bill that would allow retroactive action any 232 tariffs in the past four years.

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