MEMA Urges Congress to Oppose Sec. 232 Auto Tariffs

Date: October 29, 2019

This week, MEMA continued its significant efforts to educate legislators and the public about the risks that threatened Sec. 232 tariffs on autos and motor vehicle parts bring to the motor vehicle supplier industry and to encourage legislators to oppose the implementation of these tariffs on the nation’s trading partners.

On Oct. 23, MEMA held a webcast to explore how Sec. 232 tariffs affect the auto industry as a whole. MEMA President and CEO Bill Long joined the Vice President of Government Affairs Ann Wilson to talk about the issue. Brian Knox, Vice President of Global Sales at Wolverine Advanced Materials, and Norman Johnson, Director of Government and External Affairs at Bosch, were guest speakers at the broadcast, which was a continuation of the MEMA Policy Breakfast series.

“Most people think of our industry as Detroit, but suppliers make parts in every state. So, this [the threat of Sec. 232 tariffs on autos and motor vehicle parts] is going to have a significant impact on every state and every region locally. That’s pretty dramatic,” Long said. “We also know that it’s estimated that a 25 percent increase in auto [tariffs] could raise the price of a new car almost to $7000 on average, and we know today that consumers are already struggling to make a car payment.”

In addition to the livestreamed webcast, MEMA led a two-day delegation to Capitol Hill to spread the message. Twenty-six representatives from 14 member companies held more than 40 meetings with members of the administration, Congressional leadership, and committee staff. With this effort, MEMA sent a clear message to Congress: autos and motor vehicle parts are not a national security threat and play a large part in driving the country’s economy forward. These tariffs could put the country’s economic stability at risk and raise costs for consumers. MEMA will continue to advocate for the elimination of the threat of these tariffs on our trading allies.

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