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Date: May 7, 2019

As a service to AASA, HDMA, MERA and OESA members, MEMA contracts with Stateside to provide timely updates on key issues affecting parts suppliers on the state level. For brief summaries of state activity, see below. The StateLink portal is currently being updated and will be live for MEMA members in the coming weeks. For more in-depth information in the interim, including bill text and legislative outlook, please contact Catherine Boland.


Aftermarket Parts

New Hampshire HB 664 - Aftermarket Parts

Sponsor: Representative Kermit Williams (D)

Summary for 04/01/2019 Version:
This bill requires an insurer to reimburse an automobile repairer for all repairs if the repairer follows an original equipment manufacturer recommended collision repair procedures.

This measure requires insurers to pay a claim to the claimant or repairer based upon the repairer’s utilization of repair procedures or specifications that conform to the original equipment manufacturer’s recommended procedures, specifications, or allowable tolerances of such vehicle year, make, model, and trim level. If the repair procedure or specification from an original equipment manufacturer includes a directive to conduct a scan, calibration, or diagnostic test of a vehicle’s electronics systems before or after the commencement of repairs, such directive shall be considered as a required part of the repair procedure. The insurer must reimburse the repairer if the repairer follows the directive.

01/03/2019 Version
4/1/2019 Version

04/23/2019: Hearing held


Illinois SB 1934 - Aftermarket Parts

Sponsor: Senator Andy Manar (D)

Summary for 04/12/2019 Version:
This measure makes changes to the vehicle code pertaining to the Illinois Vehicle Code.

More specifically, this measure makes provisional changes to the existing Illinois vehicle code.

This measure outlines fees for licenses for scrap processors for automotive part recycling. An application for a license shall be accompanied by  the following fees: $50 for applicant's established place of business; $25 for each additional place of business, if any, to which the application pertains; provided, however, that if such an application is made after June 15 of any year, the license fee shall be $25 for applicant's established place of business plus $12.50 for each additional place of business.

This measure states that no person shall engage  in the act of dismantling, crushing, or altering a vehicle into another form using machinery or equipment unless licensed to do so and only from the fixed location identified on the license issued by the Secretary.

4/12/2019 Version

05/08/2019: Hearing scheduled

Rhode Island SB 850 - Aftermarket Parts

Sponsor: Senator Maryellen Goodwin (D)

Summary for 05/01/2019 Version:
This measure relates to aftermarket glass on automobiles.

This act would require that the owner of a vehicle be notified in writing that installation of an aftermarket glass will require re-calibration of safety related systems, for which cost the insurer is responsible.

5/1/2019 Version

05/07/2019: Hearing scheduled

Hawaii HB 62 - Aftermarket Parts, Warranties/Service Contracts

Sponsor: Representative Roy Takumi (D)

Summary of 2/12/2019 version:
This measure requires insurers to clearly give consumers notice of the choice of whether to use an aftermarket part, if available, or an original equipment manufacturer part for motor vehicle body repair work.

More specifically, an insurer shall clearly make available a choice to the insured, at the time the insurer offers new or renewal motor vehicle policy coverage, of authorizing a repair provider to utilize a like kind and quality part of an equal or better quality than the original equipment manufacturer part if such part is available or an original equipment manufacturer part for motor vehicle body repair work. If the insured or claimant chooses the use of an original equipment manufacturer part, the insured or claimant shall pay the additional cost of the original equipment manufacturer part that is in excess of the equivalent like kind and quality part, unless original equipment parts are required by the vehicle manufacturer's warranty.

2/12/2019 Version

05/02/2019: Carried over to 2020 session



Autonomous Vehicles

Vermont SB 149 - Autonomous Vehicles

Sponsor: Senate Committee on Transportation

Summary 03/13/2019 Version:
This measure establishes an automated vehicle program, changes DMV policy and vehicle laws. 

This measure prohibits the operation of an automated vehicle on public highways until the Traffic Committee approves a permit application for automated vehicle testers that defines the scope and operational design domain for the test and demonstrates the ability of the automated vehicle tester to comply with requirements. This measure establishes an automated vehicle testing program in the state of Vermont. An automated vehicle tester may not test an automated vehicle on a  public highway unless the operator is seated in the driver’s seat of the automated vehicle, monitoring the operation of the automated vehicle, and capable of taking immediate manual control of such automated vehicle. 

This measure also requires the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles to provide forms in multiple languages and to provide training on recognizing and addressing cultural differences and other barriers to access to Department of Motor Vehicles employees who directly interact with the  public.

Automated vehicle means a motor vehicle that is equipped with an  automated driving system that is designed to function at a level of driving automation.

3/13/2019 Version

04/30/2019: Hearing scheduled

Emissions/Climate Change

Oregon HB 2007 - Emissions/Climate Change

Sponsor: Speaker Tina Kotek (D)

Summary for 02/26/2019 Version:
This measure establishes emission requirements for trucks.

This measure requires Environmental Quality Commission to establish diesel engine emission standards for medium and heavy duty trucks. This measure requires trucks in Oregon to maintain evidence demonstrating that an engine meets federal emission standards.

This measure also requires public improvement contracts to require at least 80% of the total motor vehicle fleet powered by diesel engines be powered by model year 2010 or newer diesel engines.

2/26/2019 Version

05/06/2019: Hearing scheduled

California SB 216 - Emissions/Climate Change

Sponsor: Senator Cathleen Galgiani (D)

Summary for 04/22/2019 Version:
This measure relates to the implementation of a heavy-duty truck exchange.

This measure adds as an eligible project under the Carl Moyer Memorial Air Quality Standards Attainment Program a used heavy-duty truck exchange. The bill would require the state board to hold a public workshop on the heavy-duty truck exchange and to help air pollution control and air quality management districts add a heavy-duty truck exchange as an eligible project under the program.

3/20/2019 Version
4/22/2019 Version

05/06/2019: Hearing scheduled

Colorado SB 53 - Emissions/Climate Change, CA LEV

Sponsor: Senator John Cooke (R)

1/8/2019 version:
This measure concerns a prohibition on the air quality control commission adopting air quality control standards for motor vehicles that are more stringent than the federal standards.

Specifically, the bill prohibits the air quality control commission from adopting motor vehicle emission standards that are more stringent than federal standards and from adopting the California motor vehicle emission standards and test procedures unless they are the same as the federal standards.

1/8/2019 version

05/03/2019: Failed upon adjournment


Vehicle Inspections

New York AB 154 - Vehicle Inspections

Sponsor: Assemblymember Anthony DUrso (D)

Summary for 01/02/2019 Version:
This measure relates to tire repairs.

This measure prohibits motor vehicle repair shops from repairing any tire which would fail to meet Department of Motor Vehicle tire standards after the completion of the repair.

01/02/2019 Version

04/30/2019: Hearing held; passed committee

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