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Statement from the Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association Regarding the Threat of Closing the Southern Border

Date: April 4, 2019

The Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association (MEMA) represents the motor vehicle supplier industry, the largest sector of manufacturing jobs in the United States, directly employing over 871,000 Americans.

While MEMA shares President Trump’s concerns about security at the U.S.-Mexico border, we encourage the administration to look at other strategies rather than complete closure of any of these critical entry points. The North American supply chain and continued viability of the entire industry requires an open, functioning border. U.S. Customs and Border Protection has already reassigned officers away from trade processing, resulting in extensive border slowdowns, disruptions to companies’ supply chains and overall confusion at the border. Such delays will continue to have significant economic impacts across all industries and limit companies’ ability to maintain efficient operations. If the border is closed, the inability to deliver goods will impact U.S. automotive production immediately. Similar impacts will be felt by all companies engaged in cross-border trade, across all industries, which will have a significant impact on businesses and consumers throughout the entire U.S. economy.  

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